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How dry does your home need to be after a water loss?

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

woman measuring moisture levels Following the industry standards to dry your home after it suffers water damage is critical to avoiding secondary types of damage like mold.

This is a great question that we get all the time. In fact there could be multiple answers depending on the methods used for gathering information. 

At SERVPRO of Alexandria we take moisture readings immediately upon arriving at the job site. This gives us critical information that we need to monitor the levels as we move forward. In addition to the moisture readings we also take readings from an area that was not affected. This is our drying goal. Let's say that you have a two story home and only the bottom floor had water damage. A good place to take a dry reading would be upstairs since it had no water damage. 

That drying goal is what we would use each day to compare the wet materials to. 

If you have any questions please give us a call.

Communication: The Key to Success

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

communication graphic Communication is key when providing fire damage and water damage restoration.

SERVPRO of Alexandria's number one core value is communication. Communication is important to the customer, client, sub contractor, service provider and government agency or municipality. Communication keeps everyone on the same page throughout the course of the project. 

For instance, water damage from a busted pipe will require lots of daily communication since we will need to gain access each day in order to monitor the moisture levels. Also, in the case of fire damage, constant communication is required for contents that were affected by the fire because, you, the customer or client may need access to said contents. 

Keeping the insurance companies abreast of the progress is necessary to avoiding hiccups along the way.

Trust is built on good communication and SERVPRO of Alexandria is the most trusted restoration company in Central Louisiana. 

Hurricanes: Working with our Community

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

graphic of a community Storm damage and flooding can unite us under one banner for the greater good of our community.

When a major storm event like a hurricane affects our community SERVPRO of Alexandria is here to help. We understand the stress that can occur and acknowledge the importance of quick reaction. Our goal is to provide a helpful service to our community, plain and simple.

Our home is central Louisiana. Our focus is on the people and their properties. Whether you own a small business or are the pastor of a church SERVPRO of Alexandria is here for you. If your home suffered flood damage  or your entire neighborhood was affected we got your back. 

Like a community where many come together as one with a common focus, SERVPRO of Alexandria is part of a larger national network of like minded franchises acting in unison to achieve a singular goal: Restore your property to pre loss condition.

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Water Damage: Secondary problems

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

mold growth on walls Secondary damage, like mold growth, can occur if your water damaged home is not dried out correctly.

If you experience water damage from a busted pipe or AC leak then you most likely focused on the obvious problem, the water. What many home owners miss is the secondary damage that occurs, like mold or weakened structural materials.

If you fail to get the structure dry fast enough you may begin to notice discoloration from high moisture levels. This discoloration, many times, is mold growth. Mold growth can get out of control and potentially put you in a tough situation with your insurance company. Also, some of the building materials, like studs and base plates, can begin to rot in addition to developing mold growth. 

SERVPRO of Alexandria understands this and will begin drying your home or business immediately in order to counteract these issues.

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Are you in a floodplain?

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

flood map Water damage as a result of rising water from flooding can be a disaster.

Determining if your house or business is in a floodplain should be a priority, especially in Louisiana. Just knowing this can mean the difference in what steps you take to prepare for a storm event and how much it may cost.

FEMA provides a flood map service center where you can enter your address to see if your home or business exist in a area susceptible to flood waters. These maps are continually updated and provide tools to take advantage of FEMA's resources. 

With this knowledge you can begin the process of setting up flood insurance. The cost may vary from region to region but is well worth should a rising water storm event occur.

If you have experinced water damage as a result of rising water flooding please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Alexandria. 

Pack Outs, Inventory and Pack Backs

10/8/2019 (Permalink)

employees boxing contents Packing out your contents after fire damage or water damage is a highly organised process.

If you ever experience a fire in your house or business rest assured that SERVPRO of Alexandria has the proper tools to handle your personal possessions. We work directly with your insurance company to determine what is salvageable and unsalvageable. 

This process takes time to inventory and restore everything. We take great strides in determining what is restorable and what is not.

During the inventory process we use software called Xactimate ContentsTrack. It allows us to tag each item with a bar code so that we can track its progression through the process of boxing and cleaning.

This inventory process keeps us organised so that when you are ready for your belongings we know exactly where they are located in our warehouse.

Whether it is fire damage or water damage please give us a call.

SERVPRO of Alexandria can help Minimize Business Interruptions

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Air movers in a hall way Fans are used to dry out your business if it experiences a busted pipe or other types of water damage

If your business experiences fire damage, water damage or is suffering from mold give SERVPRO of Alexandria a call. We are central Louisiana's most trusted restoration company. Our goal is to help get you and your employees back up a running as quickly as possible. By working directly with your insurance company we insure that all parties are on the same page regarding the scope of services and results. 

It is important to begin the mitigation process quickly so that your property will not suffer from secondary types of damage like mold growth and weakened structural materials. 

By respecting the process as agreed upon by your insurance company and us we can minimize the amount of time that your business is inoperative. 

If you have any questions please give us a call.

Is Smoke Damage Covered By Insurance?

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage and smoke damage can cause long term issues if not handled correctly.

If your commercial building or one adjacent to yours recently sustained a fire, and you are left dealing with smoke-related damage, you may be worried about making a claim with your insurance company. Is smoke damage a covered loss? Read on to learn everything you need to know about smoke claims to put your mind at ease.

Soot Damage and Insurance

In most cases, damage from smoke will be covered by your commercial insurance policy. This is even the case if the fire occurred at a company right next to yours. However, there are some steps you need to take to properly file your claim and increase the chances of it being accepted. They are as follows:

  1. Contact your insurance company to report the smoke damage and file a claim.
  2. Assess your loss and prepare a smoke cleanup plan with the help of professionals.
  3. Record proof of any damage and repairs through photographs, receipts and other documents.
  4. Prepare for the insurance adjuster to arrive for surveying purposes.

Following the steps above will increase the chances of restoring your property as best as you can. Having a solid plan in place will also make it more likely that your insurance company will approve your claim.

Smoke Cleaning Assistance

As you can see above, creating an action plan for cleanup is one of the most important parts of this entire claims and restoration process. A reliable , fire damage restoration company should be able to arrive on an emergency basis, assess the situation and help you build a cleanup plan that will likely include reducing odors and eliminating smoke from your building.

Smoke damage isn’t always easy to deal with, and communication with your insurance provider can be even more frustrating. Following the steps above and knowing where to turn for cleanup help can make your business’s post-fire future more positive.

Whether it's fire damage, soot damage or smoke damage SERVPRO of Alexandria is here to help. We service most of central Louisiana.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Alleviate Spring Allergies

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in you home or business can cause health issues if not treated correctly.

- Have your home checked annually by a certified HVAC technician. An HVAC tech knows exactly what to look for.

-Even when it is nice outside, opening windows and doors brings allergens and dust into the home.

-Having your air ducts cleaned is important due to the dust and dirt that build up there. Some things are oblivious to the naked eye but can cause health problems.

-Check seals around windows and doors as one missing seal can be the reason that pollen, dust and other debris enter the home.

-Change air filters every 30 days especially during the months where the air conditioner is used more often.

-Clean hardwood floors, carpet, door mats regularly to avoid dust collection, debris build up.

All of these things listed can lead to more serious health problems if not maintained. In people with severe allergy problems you find that something's  may need to be cleaned even more. 

Whether it's mold related or you simply need your ducts cleaned SERVPRO of Alexandria is here to help. We service most of central Louisiana.

Water Damage: Always Be Prepared

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage will continue to create problems unless it is dried out immediately.

When we think of water damage to our business or home, many owners think of water damage happening from mother nature. Rain and flooding to which they have little control. So why worry about what they can't control right? The fact is that they are more likely to have water damage from things they can try to control or at least prevent. 

For example; the roof is one of the most common places to cause water damage. Owners should make sure the roof is checked regularly. One inch of rain weighs about 5 pounds. This can cause a lot of strain on a roof and can lead to leaking. 

Pipes and drains seem like they would be checked but most aren't checked regularly. A crack as small as an eight of an inch can dump 250 gallons of water per day. 

Sprinklers are great if you have a fire but not so great if it malfunctions. Sprinklers should be checked for updates but also signs of rust or damage. 

Appliances should be checked regularly ; water heaters, air conditioners, etc. can cause a lot of water damage if things break on them.

We can't stop all water damage but we can try to do as  much preventative care as we can. SERVPRO of Alexandria is here to help when the unexpected happens. Just give us a call 318-427-7511. We are there for your business 24/7.