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Water damage in Ball, Louisiana

The Kitchen as well as other areas of this home were affected when a water heater leaked in this Ball home.  Laminate wood flooring was affected and had to... READ MORE

Water damage in a Marksville home

This family’s Marksville residence experienced serious water damage after their water heater burst in attic. SERVPRO of Alexandria responde... READ MORE

Natchitoches pipe leak

A Natchitoches home had a pipe leak in the attic. It caused the downstairs ceiling to collapse. SERVPRO of Alexandria responded immediately. We extracted water ... READ MORE

Flood damage in Alexandria home

SERVPRO of Alexandria was called to a house during a recent flood event in which this particular home had several inches of flood water, causing damage to the e... READ MORE

Flooded Natchitoches home

SERVPRO of Alexandria responded to a Natchitoches house flood during the spring floods of 2015. The contaminated flood water caused severe damage to the content... READ MORE

Storm damage at a duplex in Alexandria

This first floor of a duplex in Alexandria was damaged as a result of the 2016 spring floods. The water was about a foot up the wall, and resulted in mold on th... READ MORE

Mold in a Pineville home

This Pineville homeowner discovered mold damage. The mold growth was located in the ceiling of the water heater closet and had spread over a sizable area. While... READ MORE

Alexandria mold remediation

This Alexandria home had a roof leak resulting in suspicious growth that was later identified as mold. SERVPRO of Alexandria responded by setting up containment... READ MORE

Fire damage in a Marksville apartment

A space heater fire caused structural, smoke and soot damage throughout the downstairs living room. SERVPRO of Alexandria removed the damaged materials and... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Alexandria Home

A electrical fire in an Alexandria home resulted in significant smoke and odor damage to the kitchen. Water damage occurred when the fire department s... READ MORE