Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of Alexandria's crew chief making a floor plan sketch of the affected property

Floor Plan Sketch

In order for our administrative team to get a better idea of what our technicians' work will be per job, the crew chief will make out a sketch plan of the property's dimensions, where specific measures will be mentioned. This also supports the estimating process. 

Baseboards taken off the wall

Residential Sink Pipe Burst

When there is a risk of water damage, it is important to call professionals as soon as possible and remove any standing water. One of the first things our crew does after analyzing damages in your property, is to remove the affected areas’ baseboards. Here is where the technician will be measuring the moisture levels throughout the drying process.

Sewage/Toilet Backup in Natchhitoches

Water from a sewer backup should be considered very dangerous and dealt with as quickly as possible. A mop and common household cleaning products may not be enough for black water intrusions. Special training and equipment is necessary to clean this type of contamination. If this happens in your home or business call us ASAP and we'll send a team of trained and certified Water Restoration Technicians to the rescue. Call SERVPRO of Alexandria day or night 24/7/365 for immediate service: 318-427-7511

Sewage Cleanup in Alexandria

Call the professionals when you encounter a sewage backup. Protect yourself and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses. SERVPRO of Alexandria comes equipped to cleanup, disinfect and restore your home back to it's original state.

Drilling Holes For Faster Drying

This photo is an example of how in select water damage situations SERVPRO of Alexandria are able to remove the baseboard or vinyl molding at the base of the wall and drill several 1/2" holes in between the studs along the base of the wall. Air movers are then placed along the wall blowing drying air. This helps increase circulation within the wall cavity and speeds up the drying process while avoiding cutting into the drywall.  When the area is completely dry the holes can be hidden when the baseboard or vinyl molding is replaced.

Kelli handling a water claim

Kelli is the friendly voice that you hear when you call our office. In this picture she is working with a customer to properly coordinate their job file for their insurance company. The customer experienced water damage and is rightfully fearful that their home is beyond help. Kelli takes extra special care to assuage their fears and provide exemplary service.